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VBIN's oil stock thread.
(03-05-2021, 06:36 PM)EricL Wrote:
(03-05-2021, 05:58 PM)vbin Wrote: That's a good point. Everyone I know already talking about travelling.

Curious why some of the MLPs haven't participated as much in this run much. PSXP, ET, EPD etc all still way low comparatively.

I'd guess because their earnings aren't as levered to the price of oil as the E&Ps are. They generally operate more on fixed contracts based on volumes so they don't see as much upside from higher oil prices.
Could be not sure. I think MLPs have fixed payable contracts they don't solely rely on volume. May be fixed pay + volume. If later is the case street was pricing in that those contracts will be in question given corona. But now they should be able to renew. Need to research.
Look at you guys in here talking about $100 oil. Smile Dont worry, I mocked TSLA before it did a 10X lol.

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