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New to DGI
(02-06-2020, 08:48 AM)jalanlong Wrote: I tend to be influenced by stories like this one. Average people who never made a huge salary but bought stocks and never sold them over decades and decades.

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"Time" is the secret.  I started investing at an inopportune time.  The late 90's.  Bought all the best companies of the day.  The future could not have looked brighter.  I owned MSFT, CSCO, INTC, PFE, LU, JDSU, Ascend, Nortel etc.  Buy and hold did not work out AT ALL.  Half of those no longer exist.  The total return on INTC, CSCO and PFE is next to zero after 20 years.  Valuation WILL matter in the end. Dollar cost averaging is your friend.

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