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Dividend stocks tracking web site
Good day.

I started to adopt dividend investing since early this year, had built a small portfolio (US and CA) and still learning from various sources include here.

In my first few months, I spent much time to go through the prospects and my portfolio frequently. And found it's too time consuming. Therefore I created a simple site to release my time from tracking all those.

It's function is very simple. Add company with thresholds of few parameters. Currently only supports price, yield and payout ratio. Save it. Then the system will send out email about end of day only when anything outstanding according to the parameters given.

The site's UI also provides visualized dividend history. I am still looking for more historical data source to crawl to add more visualized diagrams. Hard to find. The data crawling might be couple minutes late if no one had watched the company in the site you just added. Usually the data will be available in couple minutes in this case. Press the refresh icon.

The tool is free for use. Welcome any suggestions that I will follow up by personal time.

Couple new features released which all relate to visualization:
* Monthly price history diagram
* Annual EPS history diagram
* Dividend/Split history diagram
* EPS v.s. Price per sector and industry diagram
* EPS v.s. Debt equity ratio, per sector and industry diagram

Welcome for feedback if anyother way to visualize data can be useful.

would it be possible to add import functionality? like csv with symbol, date and amount of stocks
(11-12-2019, 04:01 PM)lucas03 Wrote: would it be possible to add import functionality? like csv with symbol, date and amount of stocks

Noted in the backlog. Will post when the function ready.
Good day.

New feature announcement: Trend indicator.

There are up to 3 indicators () might show up next to a company's name in the watching list. Those indicators provide useful hint about how reliable a company be a long term investment target.

The  indicator means the company's near term to long term prices history all present as upward trend (based on linear regression). (12, 24, 60, 120 and 180 months)
The  indicator presents the EPS trend. (the recent 3, 5, 10, 15 years and calculates by consolidate quarterly earning data)
The  indicator presents the dividend payout trend. (by the most recent 6, 12, 36, 120, 180 payouts)

Welcome for suggestions.
A small feature update:

Added a diagram of Debt/Equity ratio history.

The data of US companies are from MacroTrend and the data of CA companies are from YCharts. YCharts uses an atypical formula (Long Term Debt + Current Portion of Long Term Debt) / Total Shareholders' Equity, therefore its data is different to other sources. But I haven't found a better CA data source yet.

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