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Up 18 percent on solid earnings. It is not a large holding for me, and while the company seems to be performing well, it is hard to imagine this is the start of a long upward run in the stock. Any thoughts?

(I'm a little tempted to sell some covered calls...)
Much like unemployment figures, earnings for consumer discretionary stocks are typically a lagging indicator. The sales don't drop off until the recession hits the consumers' pocket books. TGT was hitting all-time-highs (at that time) in mid-2007.
Very disappointed in myself...this was one of the stocks I sold...when I use to sell...this is one of the reason's why I just don't sell anymore--I stopped trying to be smart.
TGT has been one of my gems. I bought in July 2017 and up 107% as of today. Hope we see the dividend keeping pace.

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