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lucas03 dividend portfolio
so wanna share my portfolio with you and will be waiting for comments. I've been buying few stocks every month for past 3 years. I was a student when I started, so it was slow at the start, slowly getting better.
I am 29 years old and currently live in Czech republic (income not comparable with US). Didn't voluntarily sell a single stock yet and don't plan to do so, unless something is really bad with the stock or my life Smile

I am usually buying stocks after reading thread here "what did you buy today" + checking some indicators, balance sheet, latest articles at seeking alpha etc. Don't spend much time on it, which might bite me in the ass soon. Paying 0.5 eur commisionper buy.

I'll be posting my latest buys here as well, so that there is at least some activity here.
Looks good! Love that yield on cost!

Though seems like you really have a lot of companies, kinda makes it hard to keep track of all of them.
Nice portfolio. I own many of the same names. Love the low commissions that you pay. Keep up the good work. I own around 75 different stocks. As long as you're not selling constantly, keeping track of all of them isn't that hard. Most of my time is spent determining what to buy next.
Nice work on the portfolio, you are making some tremendous progress!

What do you use for showing the spreadsheet? I really like the layout.
My website: DGI For The DIY
Also on: Facebook - Twitter - Seeking Alpha
I wondered the same about the spreadsheet, but it is a web based service. It says “join for free” but there may be some sort of subscription fee down the line.
Nice port and very diversified.  Is the yield on cost shown correctly for all your stocks?
wow, thanks, I was expecting more negative feedback on the number of stocks I own considering portfolio size.

I should have mentioned, that is my web, project from the university that I keep improving from time to time.

I think I have an issue to check yield on cost in my todo list, as I've also noticed it's too high. Hopefully will get to it this weekend.

Quote: It says “join for free” but there may be some sort of subscription fee down the line.

It's free, I plan to add some extra features for paid members, but core functionality should be always free.
I started messing around with it and I noticed the YOC was off as well. I really like what I have seen so far.
Thanks, I think I fixed YoC just now, check it pls Smile

Mine dropped from 5.53% to 4.33% after release
I just go all of my current stocks logged in. The charts are going to be off except for this year as I did not log stocks that I sold in the past and many of the “buy” dates are guesstimates except for this year. At least from here on out I will be able to see accurate comparisons.
wow, how did you get 400% yield in LMT? Also you need to mark your portfolio public so others can see that. How old are you?
I bought LMT at about in Sept of 2012. It was around 80 dollars a share as I recall. That has been the highest performing stock, although CAT (which I have sold) and MCD doubled quickly. I have also had some real dogs as well like OMI and MHLD.

I am 52. This is 100 percent in tax deferred accounts. Well, actually tax advantaged as part is in Roth 401k/IRA.

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