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Founding Members!
So I would not say that the Dividend Growth Forum has become a teeming hive of activity yet, but we are slowly and steadily gaining new members, and the threads are starting to fill in nicely. I am proud of our progress so far! I am hopeful that these trends will continue and that the site will only become more active, useful, and fun for the community.

In the spirit of fun, and to recognize the contributions of some of the more active folks in these early days, I am assigning the title of “Founding Member” to TomK and Horace Cugle. They’ve both passed the 50-post mark with quality, helpful, and interesting posts, and their contributions have really helped to get the site off the ground. I’ll do the same for any other member who reaches 50 good posts before some undetermined time in the future when the site really starts to take off! Then forevermore, the hundreds (thousands?!) of new members will be able to see who was really here on the ground floor.

In the same spirit, EricL and Ok Red are being promoted to “Senior Member.” I truly appreciate everyone’s participation. Please share any ideas you’ve got about how to improve the site and about how best to spread the word to attract more quality members.


Well I hardly know what to say, I'm honored and humbled. Thanks.
I'm also honored to be considered as a Senior Member. I love talking stocks and am glad I found the site. Hope it continues to evolve into an even more active and productive forum, I've really enjoyed my experience here so far.
How many posts do we have to have to earn the title "who invited that guy in the corner? "


(09-12-2013, 10:52 PM)ronn38 Wrote: How many posts do we have to have to earn the title "who invited that guy in the corner? "


Thanks very much, Kerim. I've enjoyed being here and contributing. I actually like that it is not all that crowded or busy on this forum (or at least not yet, as you say). Some really busy forums can be a lot of work to keep up on. And the quality of the discussions on the REALLY crowded ones can be pretty awful.

That said, I wouldn't mind if there were a few more regulars here, though I'm not really sure how you go about that, except to let it happen naturally.

Thanks again.

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