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speculative stocks
All the guys on the option thread except for me are going long TSLA soon. They should bring it on over here. Smile
(03-15-2019, 10:54 AM)Otter Wrote: I don't own anything that fits the bill, but UVXY is capable of giving you a helluva ride (to the upside or the down). If you think the market is going to have another December crash (or worse) in the immediate future, it would be a solid speculative play on increased volatility. If the market stays calm and upwards, thanks to Fed dovishness, you'll lose pretty much your entire investment thanks to contango.

I used to trade XIV very well until it imploded, wasn't in it yet that time. I would wait for backwardation and for VIX to go into contango. Several 100s% returns.

Have not found a suitable replacement to XIV. Anyone?

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