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Doghouse stocks
Which stock holdings do you currently have that have been absolute dogs for you or currently at least in the doghouse for you? Thankfully my list isn't too bad but I have a few:

2) IBM
4) OHI (actually up but not confident)
5) T ( Still like it but down 20% or so)
This list would have been a lot longer if you had asked me in December because I purchased a lot of new shares in SEP-NOV. But here are my current "dogs"

CVS- Down about 20% and it happened inside of 30 days. Honestly I am pessimistic on this one but I will hold it for years, and sell a few covered calls when it makes sense along the way. The valuation makes me stick around. I'll just ignore it for awhile. Probably a long while.

KHC- This one's a turkey. My decision to hold it is hard to defend. I caught a break and got called out of some shares right before the latest fiasco. Blind luck cut this problem in half for me. I only have a half dozen rules I try to religiously abide by. This one falls under "never do today what you wish you had done last week". I had no confidence and I held on anyway. I'll collect the Div, sell a few covered calls and see what happens.

AAPL- This is just a timing thing. I've done fine on AAPL over the years but my position was small. Bought a bunch of shares right before it melted down and averaged down for months. It will be OK, but I will be a long time waiting on a typical AAPL share holder's profit.
BTI, F, CVS, BT, and GIS are currently my worst performers if looking at stock price. Unsurprisingly, CVS, BT, and GIS have frozen their dividend payments while they work through various issues, F didn't announce a special dividend this year. Of the group, BTI is the only one that continues to raise (4% increase announced at the end of February). I think a lot of BTI's issues were related to RAI shareholders not wanting to hold a stock with dividends issued in a foreign currency, and overblown regulatory concerns. Stock price has rebounded nicely since the FDA chief resigned. I'm fairly confident CVS will sort out the debt issues from the Aetna merger, and start raising again by the end of 2020. F, BT, and GIS are dogs.

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