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Home Depot, an ongoing discussion....
Fenders, I get you that valuation at time always matters, it really does. I don't know what are going to be my winners and what will be the eh investments--I really don't. That's why I'm just not selling--I hold and buy--hold--and buy--it's like lather--rinse--then repeat lol. That's why I like dividends.

I think that it also helps that if I don't think I can or why should I own this 10 plus years down the road I move on. Every so often I run the numbers, look at something and think--maybe I should sell this company? Then I look at the numbers again, if it's solid--I keep it. It's been a while since I sold anything.
Diversification may be the bigger lesson I learned from the tech bubble at some point.  Boring stocks were running 15% a year and that was regarded as completely missing the bus.  Smile

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