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Home Depot, an ongoing discussion....
(08-17-2019, 10:21 PM)NilesMike Wrote: 1) No problem conceptually, however tons of businesses come out and give free estimates on jobs that take a lot more time than measuring a rough opening.

2) Not my problem as to their inefficiency, they are setting the price for the install. Easy ones, tough ones already factored in.

3) I popped the trim, measured and reinstalled trim. No problem.

My carpenter nephew installed the stock door and storm door in a couple of hours.
It's a supply-demand thing here.  Good ecoomies cause that.  It's VERY hard to find somebody to install doors here, or most anything else for that matter.  Not everybody has a carpenter nephew.  I can install my own door.  I think my installer charges about 1/3 too much.  IMO he is recovering the part he has to pay HD for the hookup.  He does outsatnading work.  14 completed measures dropped on my desk just this morning.  He was behind on those too.  I have 15-20 doors in my storeroom waiting for him to install.  He's easily a month behind now.  He was six weeks behind most of the year.  If you were my customer he wouldn't care even if a little if you walked.  I'm the one that has to listen to you when I deliver the message.  I hate it, and that is why I try to keep a leash on him.  He jumped through the hoops and got HD legal.  I have begged some small contractors to do the work and offer some competition.  None have taken that step because they are busy too and don't need to pay HD a finders fee for work. 

Anyway, be as angry as you like at Lowes.  HD is doing the exact same thing.
HD has been enfuego!
(08-29-2019, 03:45 PM)NilesMike Wrote: HD has been enfuego!

They are indeed.  My Dept is crazy busy because it's fall.  I've seriously only threatened to quit once this week due to under staffing so things are looking up.  Smile

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