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The perfect 2019 port, a contest of sorts....
EDIT: Looks like there is some interest so we'll go live on 15 FEB open. Your entry price is the lowest close from FEB 1 -FEB 15. Then if somebody finally pops in on the 18th and wants to play, it's close enough to fair.

Hoping my friends here might participate.  The discussion might be of value.  (I pay close attention to what you guys and gals are investing in).    

This forum is about investing in DGI, and not trading, so I'll try to preserve that spirit some.  So here are the rules I propose ..........

-Pick five stocks for total return % by market close DEC 31, 2019
-Must pay a minimum DIV of 1.5% in the spirit of an actual DGI stock.
-Beginning NAV must be >$20, lay off the pink sheeters lol. (EDIT: F and GE etc are OK. They won't pop 500% like a penny stock and wreck the game).    
-Your entry price will be lowest closing price in FEB.  (Maybe start this FEB 15 to allow some time for infrequent forum visitors?) 
-DIVs will be added.  In the interest of simplicity, highest QUARTERLY DIV paid in 2019 X4. 
-You must make an honest attempt at diversification.  Pretend you are investing your baby sister's money. Smile  For example, T, CAT, MCD, WMT, AMD is good enough.  FAANG is not, nor is three industrials and two financials.

Your thoughts?   I'll throw up my picks soon if there is interest.

Decided to go with a "Dogs of the Dow" approach and make picks from those currently circling the bottom of the bowl. BTI and NGG should see a big boost if Brexit issues get resolved sanely, and should both do well in the event of a recession. F and JCI will bounce mightily if trade issues get resolved. Maybe IBM actually has a good year (they are due for at least one per decade, right?).
Thanks for playing.  When all the votes are in I will consolidate into one post.  You can edit if you like, until we go live. 

I will definitely pick an industrial and try to play the trade deal bounce.  T might be my high yielder but I have other ideas as well.  If this goes well we can start earlier and get picks in by end of year, if we do this again.

And I will edit the $20 NAV rule. F or GE should be allowed. I just don't want it to be five OTC picks that are nothing more than a lotto ticket. The 1 1/2% DIV rule eliminates them anyhow I guess.
T, RDS.b, V, JNJ, PM
Oh this is a good oneSmile IBM, MO, CAH, QCOM, T

Would have picked PM too if the task wasn't to diversify Smile
I debated dropping CAH into my list. Decisions, decisions!
(01-25-2019, 11:40 AM)ChadR Wrote: MO, T, CAH, IBM, XOM

LOL, my list is almost like yours, I was also considering XOM by the waySmile
(01-25-2019, 11:54 AM)Binary Wrote:
(01-25-2019, 11:40 AM)ChadR Wrote: MO, T, CAH, IBM, XOM

LOL, my list is almost like yours, I was also considering XOM by the waySmile

LOL I was just now doing my rough draft and picked XOM.  I suggest we just throw it out there.  We can edit a bit to make sure we don't have any twinkie portfolios.

And how about we add a bonus pick? Let's go SHORT one stock effective FEB 15 open price? Pick it wisely because you are riding the short bus for 10 1/2 months. Smile
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