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I just saw AAPL's guidance news today. I should know better than try to predict market reactions, but this could be significant. Big downward move tomorrow? Not just AAPL, I mean.
A lot of AAPL related stocks have seen this coming for two months and already taken a severe beating.  The market will likely drop while the details are sorted out though.  I may get into the crash fund sooner than I planned.
Am I worried? No. Never owned apple, never will. (ok never say never, short term I could see myself owning some if it gets ridiculously cheap)

Are the "big boys" worried? I would certainly think so.
I, too, am horrible than trying to predict what happens but I would be very surprised if today ends in the green.
Hmmm. So far the damage seems confined to AAPL. Otherwise today looks pretty in line with many days in the relatively volatile last month.
and BRK.B, also. Headlines blaming it on AAPL.
(01-03-2019, 11:24 AM)DividendGarden Wrote: and BRK.B, also.  Headlines blaming it on AAPL.

Yeah, I thought that was a bit of a disproportionate reaction. It was as if AAPL was BRK's asset.
Super Warren has made some very untimely calls the past year or so. AAPL is not the only recent pick in the dumper. BRK is deep into some free falling financials as well. Does that mean anything longterm? Of course not. BRK's next report may be interesting if they chased these losers down. That said I think BRK big initial position in AAPL is mid 140s. I wish I could say the same.
And the S&P 500 on a 3.65% tear to the positive so far today, with AAPL retracing roughly half its loss of yesterday. The volatility must be fun for traders.
(01-04-2019, 01:11 PM)Otter Wrote: And the S&P 500 on a 3.65% tear to the positive so far today, with AAPL retracing roughly half its loss of yesterday. The volatility must be fun for traders.

I'm sure it is lucrative if you are a high roller.  I don't try it in a big way but it's been so crazy it's pretty easy to make a few bucks.  Sell a put or a call for maybe a $150 premium on a severe up or down day.  Intending to let it ride a full month or more.  Wait 3-7 days for the next wild swing in the other direction.  Close position and buy it back for $20 instead of waiting for the last penny of profit.  Rinse and repeat next week, or maybe tomorrow. I also add or subtract 10 shares from my standard position in my core position stocks like HD and until recently AAPL.  Make a $100 here and there.  Leave the core postion alone for the longterm. Not boasting.  I've had some absolutely HORRIBLE timing on my new long positions this quarter.  It's nice to nibble some more shares when they crash with the small trading profits along the way.  It's better than a poke in the eye.  Smile I do feel like I am cheating on my DGI strategy though.  Smile           

I am looking very forward to BRK next report.  They have a ton of cash always.  As I said they have made some poorly timed entries.  Watch them average down and make some lemonade when it is raining lemons.  Warren will look brilliant in a year, just like always.  I will say I am not following him on tech moves in the future.  It's just not his specialty like he always said but he gave in a played the tech stock lotto.  IBM, TEVA, AAPL.  I love him but he is mortal too.  Tech is a crap shoot.  Nothing is immune in the end.  I don't care what you buy you are not safe to mindlessly hold for a decade.  You gotta know when to take a few chips off the poker table or it ends mediocre at best.

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