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Critique My DGI Strategy
My idea for maximized income is to invest all my IRA holdings into AGNC at around 12% yield annually,
then invest the income into equal parts HDV and DGRO.

The idea would be to maximize dividend income over a static high yield position or a long term hold to see DGI become effective. What do you think?
It's likely you have researched it more than any of us here.   What attracts you to it enough to cause you to go "all in" and not diversify?  Obviously the dividend is sky high currently.  Is the payout secure going forward?  Why has the stock dropped in value for 5 years while many high quality REITs have not?   Those are the initial questions I would research.
Going all in on one stock is of course the best way to maximize income. It's also a good way to maximize risk. If you are fine with that then go ahead but if this is something like your retirement money (it is an IRA afterall) then I would consider a bit more diversification.

I'm not familiar with the companies in question so I can't comment on those.
I would be hesitant to go all in on a payer that is paying 12%. When it switched to a monthly payer, it was $0.22/month, now it is $0.18/month. We've been in a bull market and it's dividend has dropped. What happens if we get into a bear market? How safe is the dividend? They've had 2 dividend cuts since going to monthly payments. Also, the dividend hasn't changed since 9/9/16. I don't know anything about the other 2 Ishares to know if putting the dividends into them is a good idea or not.
I agree with previous comments, but can you let us know: how big a portion of your overall assets is in the IRA? Are you contemplating this with 100 percent of everything you've accumulated thus far in life, or is this a small percentage of your net worth, or somewhere in between?

Also, is the amount we're talking about in the IRA significant enough that the monthly income from AGNC would be meaningful enough to build new positions?
Just doing some educational research. AGNC, never heard of it. I just looked it up; dividend is currently 9.1%.

In the Conversations section, someone just wrote:

agnc lost $3 in share price this past year. PERIOD! And yet I see year after year and the div. declines. Leverage declined, as did institutional ownership %. Revenues declined. Quarterly growth declined. The insiders playing the market with dividends and sitting on debt. And the insiders salt the payroll using yep...dividends through insider trading using the MM. ain't it great? for them

HDV seems okay. 4.1% div
DGRO seems like a winner; nice 5 year growth from $25/share to $44/share. Current div 2.29%

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