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Strategies for Building a DGI Portfolio
(12-13-2018, 02:22 PM)fenders53 Wrote: That absolutely applies to me Crimson.  I don't look at this the same as I did when I was your age and I am monetarily better off for it.  My opinion evolves over time and your's will too if your mind is open, which I believe it truly is.

Otter, you gotta have some faith and patience in  core positions longterm , but I find flaw in the attitude that I researched in once and my work is done forever.  I don't think you really believe that.  Feel free to dissent.  That's we are here  trading experiences and thoughts.

I will admit, set and forget is more of an aspirational goal than a bright line rule that I don't deviate from. Sale of GE position last year is one example of this, as was sale of OHI this year. I also keep a close eye on my IBM shares, as I think management is a disaster, and the years of declining revenues are concerning. Buybacks have allowed them to keep raising the dividend, but financial engineering can only go so far in a rising interest rate environment with declining revenues. 

The set/forget rule of thumb is mostly there to remind me that I can't realistically keep on top of all of the holdings in my private index fund, so not to stress about any one holding too much. 

That said, I'm also a hopeless investment junkie. As much as I love the thrill of figuring out what is a good value to buy next, I'll also spend Saturday mornings trawling through articles about my existing holdings. If I form the opinion that a once-favored holding is a dumpster fire in waiting, I'll kick it to the curb. I try not to rush into any such decision, and certainly wouldn't base it off of any one article or quarterly report.
That sounds prudent.  If you run at the first bad quarterly it will be hard to assemble a full port of DGI stocks.  Dishonesty from management is the one thing I am not very patient with.  Especially if the CEO is involved.  There is almost always a better day to get back in later if the board rights the ship.

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