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Newest Buffett/Berkshire Hathaway Actions
I know that Uncle Warren doesn't make all of the buy/sell decisions at BRK lately, but since a lot of us follow along, here's the latest movements:

Berkshire buys JPMorgan, Oracle, exits Sanofi

The latest 13F from Berkshire Hathaway shows more than a 35M share stake in JPMorgan.
Other new buys include more than 40M shares of Oracle , 6M shares of PNC Financial, and 3.5M shares of Travelers.
Among exits are Walmart and Sanofi.
Just think 10 years ago he refused to touch any technology stocks, now he just bought nearly $2 billion worth of Oracle.
And his largest holding is AAPL. You could make a case that stock is kinda techie too. Smile His incredible returns would have been even more ridiculous if he's bought just a few safe techs five years earlier.

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