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Anyone looking at UNM?

Will likely buy some on Monday.
Checks a lot of boxes. DIV Growth, low payout, low debt/equity.

Interesting find, unfortunately I don't have the time to take a proper look now but I'll do so later.

But at a first glance: Revenue growth has been alarmingly low (I don't know if this is normal for insurance companies?) and it certainly looks like the majority of the increase in EPS has been due to share repurchases. In general I don't mind share repurchases when done at appropriate times, however it is a bit concerning if it's the only source of increasing EPS... especially if you look at how the economy has been in the past few years.

It looks cheap but I think the above covers why. What does the payout ratio look like if you count it with divs & repurchases? How about cashflows after the div & repurchases? Because those repurchases are definitely necessary if they are the only thing that increases their profit per share.
I honestly don't drill that deep.

It's a Dicidend Contender, at/near it's high water mark for yield. Low payout, low debt, good Tweed and Chowder numbers. Looking to get in around.36/37 and get out around 57 unless there is a dividend increase in the meantime.


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