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Hello it's me
Security is tight around here but Kerim finally let me in.  J  Just kidding, I am here for adult conversation and I know that can be challenging to manage on a public forum.  I am a chatty guy so you can expect some threads from me soon as I truly need some advice.  Hopefully I can offer insight to others as well.  30 years in the markets and I have learned some painful mistakes.  It ended well but trust me I have had my nose bloodied severely as I tried new things.
Anyway I am Dewayne and live in the Midwest.  Recently retired from fulltime National Guard.  Always intended to retire early but knew I would not be old enough to draw most of my pensions and SS for a while.  My plan is to live frugal for a few more years and be ready to enjoy some prosperity when I am 60 (in four years).  That’s where you guys and gals come in as I can no longer stay 90% invested like I have the past 30 years.  I won’t go into great detail on this thread  but I am in the process of a huge transition.  Transferred my government “401K” to Vanguard where I will have MUCH more control of my investments.  I think I was supposed to leave it there and buy a bad annuity plan but I did the research and I am not biting on that horrible idea.
Here is where I am now.  Funds just transfered so 100% out of the market for the first time ever and I didn’t like it much with the recent market run.  I also have a single family rental property that is now paid in full.  That’s another thread but I don’t regret the rental thing now.  More bloody noses earned but it worked out fine in the end.   I’ve had an appetite for risk.  I’ll call myself an “8”.  Time to back that down to about 5 or 6.  I am a patient seller.  My weakness is not always being a patient buyer so I will have to reach deep with current valuations and not jump back in too fast.  I don’t have 20 years to ride out bonehead decisions.  The everlasting bull market saved me from being overly invested in growth stocks.  I need to compartmentalize some of my funds so they will be there from year 4-6. 
I am starting to get windy.  I look forward to “meeting” you all.  More threads coming soon I need to get used to dividend investing. Actually some of my better performers but I haven't owned too many.
Welcome and congratulations on retirement!
Thanks for the welcome Crimson.  I wouldn't call myself retired just yet but I am sure getting closer, stock market willing.
Ohh ok, so you left the national guard but you're still doing some other work to make the time go by and to grow your portfolio?
Yes, I did 34 years including the part time Guard phase.  Always planned to retire around 56 but knew I'd probably come up short since I am too young for most of my pensions and such.  Saved some money on the side for a mini-retirement.  I've done a lot of fly fishing and this part is about over.  Have to stay out of the real retirement accounts for at least 4 years.  I'll be very attentive to my portfolio. I wonder if Lowe's is hiring right now?  Smile
Great...Thanks a lot...Now I can't get that Lionel Ritchie song out of my head....Hello...

Welcome to the forum!!

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