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CVS is finished
What is the world is CVS thinking?? Why in the in the world would they sign a pact with Naked Brands to sell intimate apparel in there stores? That's got to be the worst decision by a CEO I have ever seen. Crazy!! The board and CEO should be fired. I have a large position in CVS but after this I'm thinking of selling and just transfer it over between WBA and CAH. CVS is not Victoria Secret for God Sakes lol. SMH
Didn't both CVS and WBA used to sell cheap T-shirts back in the days?

The apparel items might come in a small pre-packed plastic packages/bags and they can put it in the cosmetics isle. I don't see much of a big issue unless CVS goes crazy allocation too much space for this.
You don't go into CVS to buy sexy clothes Hey honey lets go to CVS and buy some bathing suits and lingerie lol.

Naked Brands will be selling 20 wardrobe and red-carpet-ready products from dressing tape to backless stick-on silicone bras. So it's not some pre-packed plastic bags.

Stick with what works. Drugs, makeup and food. Leave the sexy apparel business to Amazon and Limited brands.

Sorry I just dont get it. They should be fixing the issues they already have, not creating another problem.
Wow that's nuts! I use CVS but haven't seen this yet.

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