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The Forticus Lifestyle Fund
I have posted the annual review of my portfolio at SA in 2 blogs.

Part 1: long term stuff versus personal benchmarks towards retirement in 2023

Part 2: individual holdings in June, 4 closed and 29 opened positions since April 2017.

Thanks to this forum for exchanging ideas over the year.

P.S.: dont understand why the forum doesnt convert the 2nd link to clickable.
Forticus, I see it's been a busy year.

Now that it appears your portfolio is close to completion, are left to adding to positions?

Do you have a goal for how many different companies you plan to hold?

“While the dividend itself is merely a rearrangement of equity, over time it's more like owning an apple tree. The tree grows the apples back again and again and again, and the theoretical value of the tree doesn't change just because of when the apples are about to fall.” - earthtodan

a year ago, I thought about 33 companies, an average of 3 companies per one of the 11 sectors.
There are some sectors, where I see less: 1 in materials, 2 in industrials, which gives room for more in other sectors.
Until end of this year I like to keep 3% as a full position equivalent, but certainly wil have some at 4% and several with less than 3%.

After changes in July it's 44 companies. I guess the number will be trending sideways between 30 and 50 companies for the next couple of years.

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