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The Forticus Lifestyle Fund
I have posted the annual review of my portfolio at SA in 2 blogs.

Part 1: long term stuff versus personal benchmarks towards retirement in 2023

Part 2: individual holdings in June, 4 closed and 29 opened positions since April 2017.

Thanks to this forum for exchanging ideas over the year.

P.S.: dont understand why the forum doesnt convert the 2nd link to clickable.
Forticus, I see it's been a busy year.

Now that it appears your portfolio is close to completion, are left to adding to positions?

Do you have a goal for how many different companies you plan to hold?
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

a year ago, I thought about 33 companies, an average of 3 companies per one of the 11 sectors.
There are some sectors, where I see less: 1 in materials, 2 in industrials, which gives room for more in other sectors.
Until end of this year I like to keep 3% as a full position equivalent, but certainly wil have some at 4% and several with less than 3%.

After changes in July it's 44 companies. I guess the number will be trending sideways between 30 and 50 companies for the next couple of years.

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