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It Looks like no one wants high Dividend stocks anymore
It looks like everyone wants growth stocks these days.  They keep running up BABA, FB, NFLX and others. Wall Street isn't going to reward shareholders of companies that have slow growth and pay out large dividends. Just look at AT@T. Its at a 52 week low now and yields over 6%. GDP has stalled and interest rates are headed to 3% soon. Which makes stocks such as Utilities and Telecom out a favor. 

Just look at this 52 week low list - T, GIS, CL, CMCSA, D, LB, TR, CPB, KO, K, PG, PEP. And lots more right near new lows. 

I may readjust my portfolio and just buy high growth stocks that pay a good dividend like AAPL, TXN and MCD LOL.
It really is an interesting moment in the markets right now, to my eye. The markets overall are still not too far from all-time highs after the multi-year bull, yet there are starting to be some good opportunities in the core DG stocks that I like to watch.
I am still very interested in dividend growth stocks like Pepsi.  Part of it to me is that you can start getting 2.25% on 1 year treasury bills and floating rate notes and money market funds are almost at 2%.  A company like Colgate with a dividend around 2.6% that is barely growing its dividend just isn't that attractive right now to many investors.  Pepsi to me is very attractive as an investment.
No kidding, 6.35% yield on T, 5.34% on D, and 4.97% on MO.

Some nice bargains to lock in yields right now.
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