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Interesting read

An excerpt from the above article

"Instead of the day-traders of the 1990s dot-com craze or the house-flippers of the mid-2000s, small-scale investors say they are looking for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to deliver the outsized returns they no longer believe the stock market can deliver.
Layla Tabatabaie, an entrepreneur and advisor to tech startups who lives in New York, began investing in initial coin offerings, or ICOs, about a year and a half ago, she said. She now holds the majority of her portfolio in cryptocurrencies, which she sees as offering the possibility for greater gains.
“The way that I see crypto as being more favorable than stocks is it seems like there is more of an opportunity for retail investors to get in earlier," she said. "Crypto now is taking the place of the way stocks used to behave 10 years ago, 15 years ago.""

After a lot of reading and research I still believe crypto's are a very unknown investment strategy that I just can't get myself financially connected with hard earned dollars. I find it worrisome that some people that don't trust Wall Street have no issues investing in crypto's, in fact, a HUGE RED FLAG for me was a buddy of mine who has never invested a dime went crazy over bitcoin/crypto's. I do understand that crypto's is a very broad term.
Rayray I agree. Cryptos remind me too much of the dotcom crash. People that have never invested are telling me to invest in them. When everyone loves something, I usually avoid it. Also, I don't know enough about them to make a reasonable investment in one.
I certainly agree that it's a big red flag when someone who knows very little about investing starts talking about how I should invest in cryptos. That being said, I do have a tiny position in them. But I would never think of it as a part of my investment portfolio nor do I actually count that money to have any value.

I can accept people using them as a speculative play. They have given insane returns and they could still keep doing that for some time. Who knows? But I would never use them for something like retirement planning, the risk is way too high.

If it's money you don't mind losing, go ahead. If it's money you kind of plan on using at some point, then cryptos are not the way to go. I think that sums it up pretty well.
So I put in maybe $400 about a year ago into a few different cryptocurrencies. Didn't want to get rich quick and I'm okay with losing that money. I just considered it a lottery ticket if they did explode, but I'm not counting on it at all. If it did explode, I would sell and buy DGI stocks. I'm 100% DGI to my core.

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