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Stocks at 52 Week Lows
HSY, PG, O, BEN, SO, KMI are at 52 week lows.  Anybody interested in these right now?  Any that I missed?
Yes you left out PM, GE, KHC, LLY, DUK, and OHI

Some good names on that list
Bought O twice in less than a week so I have to say that I like O right now.
Great time for sales shopping! HSY, XOM and WFC at least would be on my buy list! Same for O and other REITs if I had a tax sheltered account.
I will most likely add to many positions in the coming weeks to my brokerage account: UPS, Duke Energy, Merck, Procter & Gamble, Dominion Resources, Exxon Mobil, and Southern Company.  I would add to O and VTR but already added to them in my Roth for the year.  I don't know how much lower utilities and REITs will go but some solid companies are down nearly 20% in last 3 months.
Bought some BEN today 39.50

Incredible opportunities right now especially for younger people to pick up bargain priced quality names.

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