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Stocks at 52 Week Lows
HSY, PG, O, BEN, SO, KMI are at 52 week lows.  Anybody interested in these right now?  Any that I missed?
Yes you left out PM, GE, KHC, LLY, DUK, and OHI

Some good names on that list
Bought O twice in less than a week so I have to say that I like O right now.
Great time for sales shopping! HSY, XOM and WFC at least would be on my buy list! Same for O and other REITs if I had a tax sheltered account.
I will most likely add to many positions in the coming weeks to my brokerage account: UPS, Duke Energy, Merck, Procter & Gamble, Dominion Resources, Exxon Mobil, and Southern Company.  I would add to O and VTR but already added to them in my Roth for the year.  I don't know how much lower utilities and REITs will go but some solid companies are down nearly 20% in last 3 months.
Bought some BEN today 39.50

Incredible opportunities right now especially for younger people to pick up bargain priced quality names.
Any opinions on PG?
EPS is still going up, pretty decent cash generation though of course the dividend takes a large part of it, nothing worrying on the debt levels. I know that it's still a bit of a blur regarding their ability to keep growing after the recent divestments but then again, we are at levels pretty close to 52w lows.

That being said, P/E (based on adjusted 2017 results) is still around 21, so it still feels a bit too expensive.
GIS is extremely low today.

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