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Dr. Pepper Snapple & Keurig
Dr Pepper Snapple to combine with Keurig Green Mountain

-Dr Pepper Snapple Group (NYSE: DPS) announces a merger with Keurig Green Mountain to create Keurig Dr Pepper.
-Dr Pepper Snapple shareholders will receive $103.75 per share in a special cash dividend and retain 13% of the combined company.
-DPS +32.56% premarket to $126.80.
I'm sure most of you (like me) own DPS and possibly Keurig. Are you going to just sell & move on or hang on and see what happens?
Haven't decided for sure yet, but strongly leaning towards selling out of DPS and rolling proceeds over into one or both of Hormel (HRL) and McCormick (MKC).

I'm not sure that I like the Keurig portion of the business, and get pretty much the same yield as I had with DPS if I move into either of the other ideas.
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I'm also probably going to sell too. I also don't like the Keurig portion of the business either, but needed to look at the other parts of the business before deciding for sure to sell. I thought Keurig was privately held. Where did you find the yield?
Well considering the deal is much higher then expected I sold this morning. I almost never hold once a company merges as the deal could always fall through or not be approved. When you have a stock up $30+ points you hit the sell button lol

I haven't decided what to do yet with the proceeds but I did buy some AAPL for my son. I will most likely put the rest in something that pays a same like yield. Maybe SBUX and MKC or SJM.
I sold. I don't like the Keurig part of the business, either.

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