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What's with THO? Down $16 in 2 days
THO is getting crushed. It has lost $16 in 2 days on no news. Anyone know what's going on?

Its been a tough week for my portfolio. TXN, UNP and now THO lol
Only thing I've found is this:

I have to think this is a buying opportunity. The economy is doing well and THO should benefit from tax reform as they are currently paying an effective tax rate north of 30%.
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What about the rise in Oil? Wont that have an impact on THO bottom line going forward? Stock was downgraded to Neutral from buy today as well by Northcoast Research. Who is the heck is that lmao

I want to add more but I will see how this plays out lol.
I think something had to have been leaked. No stock goes down $14 on a downgrade lol.
Winnebago (WGO) is down more than 10%.

Both are low float companies with ~600k shares a day traded. Doesn't take much to move them if someone wants out.
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