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Utilities on watch list?
I've been looking to add to my existing positions of SO, D, and possibly DUK and wanted to know what your thoughts are on PCG, PPL, and EIX.  

DUK:  $82: Down 7% in last month and 4.32% yield
SO: $46.71: Down 7%+ in last month and just below 5% yield.
D: $76.83: Down 8% in last month and yield over 4% now.

Below are utilities that have gotten crushed and not sure if worth looking into:
PCG: - 33% in last month - California wildfire liabilities and dividend suspension.  
PPL: -15% in last month
EIX: -22% in last month

Are you guys adding to utilities at this time?
Hey Ryan, I would personally stay away from PCG, PPL and EIX. Too many lawsuits, more bad news on the way and most likely more dividend cuts to come.

I would buy best in breed. NEE, AEP and D. In that order. These are utilities that even give you some growth as well as a nice dividend.

SO Is a decent buy here as well now that its at a 5% yield.

And I added to NEE and AEP this week. D I'm still waiting on to see where it goes. All the gains I had in the stock are only up 8%. I was up 22% at one time lol
PCG would be a pure growth investment as of now. had a good article on them recently. Like Tim, I think that it got punished too bad for the dividend suspension. As long as you're OK with no dividend for a year or so, it should be a good investment 5-10 years down the road. Though I wouldn't put a lot of money into it. 1/4 position would be as large as I would go with them, and possibly not that large.
$WEC all day

My spreadsheet is a bit outdated, but here is my list of names for the utility sector if you are interested.

I own D, WEC, NEE, and XEL.
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