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Hello everybody

I am an Spanish guy 39 years old. Currently, my portfolio is: 75% Spanish stocks, 10% value funds of a couple of Spanish guys I consider really good (Alvaro Guzan from Azvalor and Parames from Cobas), the rest 15% in US stocks.

I don´t like at all this asset allocation and would like to have in US somewhere between 50-70% of my portfolio so as having much more weight in value funds.

That´s why I am here in the last months I have been buying only US, and honestly it is quite difficult for me to find out about opportunities in your market, moreover I have nobody to share my thoughts. After reading a lot your the forum, I would like to become an active member willing to hear your advises and why not advising when possible.. (still far fron there...).

So thanks a lot in advance for everything and by the way, sorry about my English that is not as good as it should be!
Welcome and your English is just fine.
Very glad you found us and joined up. I hope we can be helpful!
Welcome. Actually, you'd be surprised by how many European people we have here. Wink But most of us have the same conclusion as you, it's better to have the majority invested to the US market... it's just a much more business friendly environment than Europe is at the moment. So that is why you'll see us mostly discussing US stocks.

Welcome to the forum Smile

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