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Monthly Dividend Question
What do you all think about investing in stocks that pay a month dividend?

I took the best the names and if you invested in all these name would get nearly $1000 a year in dividends. Over 20 years would be 20k give or take in dividends. 

O - $126 annually (50 shares)
Main - $114 annually (50 shares)
Good - $150 annually (100 shares)
Stag - $141.60 annually (100 shares)
LTC - $114 annually (50 Shares)
EPR - $204 annually (50 shares)
CHTT - $132 annually (100 shares)
$981.60 a year in dividends 

My question is; are these stocks safe to invest in? If they were to drop significantly due to interest rate hikes; priced could go much lower. If that were the case you wouldn't see much rewards going further unless you dollar cost average in.
I love the monthly dividend payers! from those you listed I have some of O, MAIN, GOOD and LTC Smile

As with any stock, there's always a risk..
Many of these monthly payers are REIT's with large diversified long-term leases, so they should be pretty safe. I read a good article about O on seekingalpha a while ago:
Well, I don't think the frequency of the dividend payment matters in the end. Sure, it's nice if we get a dividend every month. It's normal to get it once every 3 months. How about once a year? Still ok with me. A 5% yield is a 5% yield regardless of the payment frequency... you end up with the exact same amount of money at the end of the year, though reinvesting works a bit better when the payments keep coming monthly.

So maybe a more fitting topic would be "investing in REITs" since that's what your list is mostly (or completely?) made out of. And there I'll just say that it is risky and capital gains are usually not that high, but depending on your strategy the high yield might make up for it. I personally like to have some REITs because it's an easy way to drag up the overall yield of the portfolio.

And yes, those monthly divs look nice in excel. :p

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