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Some nice utilities at 52 week lows
There are some very good Reits, Utilities that are at 52 week lows right now.

American Campus Communities – ACC – Yield 4.31%
Scana Corp – SCG – Yield at 6.27%
Welltower – HCN – Yield 5.48%
PPL Corp – PL – Yield 5.14%
Edison International – EIX – Yield 3.78%

Out of that list I like HCN and EIX. That is if the dividends are safe.

Anyone buying these name? Thanks
I'd be careful with SCG, I think there is a decent chance of a dividend cut in its future.
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ACC and HCN are REITS, not utilities.

I would also be careful with EIX, or really any California utility, because of potential wildfire liabilities and onerous regulations.  For example, see PCG's recent dividend cut.
EIX actually just raised its dividend the other day to .61.

As fas as PCG goes yes they cut the dividend but also said it was temporary to reflect the California fires. This has also happened in the past and they all bounced back after a few years.

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