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Research reports offered by your Brokerage?
I thought it would be a good idea to list what kind of research reports are offered for free by our brokerage companies.
We could also indicate which ones we find most useful and how we use these reports.
Here's for mine:

Fidelity (US brokerage)
Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S Estimates Report
Ford Equity Research
EVA Dimensions
Thomson Reuters/Verus
ValuEngine Inc.
Argus A6 Report
Ned Davis Stock Selection Report
Columbine Capital
McClean Capital Management
Jefferson Research
MSCI ESG Research
Trading Central
Zacks Investment Research

I use most:
Zacks: for qualitative information (especially the pages on why to buy or sell and on the risks)
ValuEngine: fair value estimate (last page)
Jefferson Research: quality ratings (first page)

Ameritrade [b](US brokerage)[/b]
Credit Suisse
Ford Equity Research
Vickers Insider Trading Chronologies

I use most:
CFRA: fair value estimates
(page 3. BTW: I believe the way they calculate the % of over or undervaluation to be wrong. They use the price as the denominator instead of the fair value. Example for KO: listed price = 45.31, fair value = 34.91, they say it is 23% undervalued [45.31-34.91]/45.31. I would have calculated it as [45.31-34.91]/34.91 ~30% overvalued )

RBC Direct Investing (Canadian brokerage)
RBC research reports

I use Morningstar for the qualitative information and fair value estimates
Great idea! Thanks.

I use Fidelity also, but will have to dig more thoroughly.

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