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My future Payout Machine
Thanks for some great tips & recommendations MarcN!

I definitely plan to add some more defensive stocks to my portfolio, just eager to get started so I have prioritized some high-yield, preferably monthly payers to get the snowball rolling Wink
Bought a few (literally) shares of PFE today. 5 @ $36.68
Nothing to be ashamed of, you trade in similar number of shares as I do. 

Keep building that machine!
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January summary:

Portfolio total value down a lot, due to a lot of my US stocks decreasing in value.
On the plus-side, January was my all time high dividend payout month so far (6.2% more than previous record month nov 2017).
Bought 3 shares of Dominion Energy (D) @ 74.80 today. My first stock from the Utilities sector in my portfolio.
March summary:

- Bought 5 shares of AT&T (T) @ $36.34
- Received a total of $28.80 in dividends, another record breaking month Smile
ahh, the joys of breaking your own records all the time. Smile
I think T was a pretty decent buy, even at that price. I added a bit myself from $1 lower, even if I wasn't planning on it.
If I was starting out today as a new DGIer, I'd pick several core stocks that I want to build a portfolio from the ground up. Why several, because, some will be and some will not be in that buy range. How many would I pick, not quite sure, maybe, 15 to 25 individual companies. Out of due diligence, say out of the 15 to 25 companies only 5 companies are in that buy range, I'd just keep pummeling money into those 5 with all the others kept on the sideline in that watch/wish list. I would only pick core/foundational type investments, the forever holds to build upon. After the foundation is built, then I'd branch out.

The things I look at






payout ratio



and trading trades are 4.95......every trade cost bothers me, it just does, so the fewer trades the better.
Bought 12 additional shares of NWH-UN.TO @ 11.32 today.

Also, a few days ago reached a total of $100 received in dividends so far in 2018 - keep 'em coming!
Congrats on already hitting triple digits in dividends and the year isn't even half over. Keep it up, you're doing great.

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