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Does anyone know where Kerim is or if he is okay?

I see he hasn't been on since April. I've gotten a PM from someone who wants to join the board, but needs administrator approval to finalize.

I remember Kerim posting about some personal events that he needed to clear up. I hope he is alright.
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I hope he is too. Didn't realize that he was the only administrator here.
Hey Gang. Kerim here.

Funny timing on this thread. I logged in to the site for the first time in many many months a couple of days ago.

Thanks so much for the concern and outreach. And my sincere apologies for being AWOL for so long. It has been a really rough stretch personally, and I've mostly ignored everything other than work and family. I am hopeful that things are easing up, and would love to spend some time and energy here again.

I know better than to promise it, though, so I think a really prudent first step would be to give at least one other person moderator/admin rights. I'll definitely figure out how to do that in the next few days, so that if I am not able to keep up with things here, someone can at least activate new accounts and deal with spam.

I'll also make sure to fix up my email settings -- I think something broke at some point and I stopped receiving emails about the site.

Sorry again. I'm really delighted to see that at least a few of you still hang around here and love the idea of trying to grow the community again.

Kerim best of luck with what's going on in your life!

You have built a fantastic community, the forum has been going on flawlessly and the community is great! There's so much help and support from everyone all the time! Congratulations, it's something you should be personally proud!

And happy holiday season to everyone!
Great to hear from you Kerim, I was beginning to worry that something terrible had happened.

Completely understand stepping away, especially with all you had going on earlier this year. Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you once again.

Happy holidays!

My website: DGI For The DIY
Also on: Facebook - Twitter - Seeking Alpha
Great to hear from you. Just like Eric, completely understand stepping away. I have at times stepped away from everything except for family and work. And only didn't step away from work because I wasn't completely financially independent yet.
Sorry to hear that things have been tough for you Kerim.  I hope that things will turn around for you in the near future and that we will see you some next year.
Sorry to hear about your rought stretch. Life has a way of throwing curve balls, hope you manage to sort everything out. Don't worry about us, we'll be ok. Take care of the important business first and drop by whenever you have the time to.

Good luck with everything.
I've been lurking and noticed you were missing too. Glad to see you're OK. The board has seemed to be working well. Come back when your time frees up a little.

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