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Top picks for 2018
Hi all,
Ive been MIA on this forum for most of this year, but hoping to get back to regularly contributing to the discussion here again.

I wanted to reach out and ask if anyone would be interested in participating in Top Picks for 2018 compilation that I am doing from the investing community. There is no prize, except bragging rights Wink As usual, this is meant to be a fun exercise to capture our collective ideas. Some of last year's picks have done really well from folks in this forum.

You can follow previous year's picks here:

As part of this exercise, I have created a new Google spreadsheet, where you can add your pick. You can pick any asset you like - a stock, bond, commodity, a cryptocurrency etc. Be sure to leave a reason as to why you think your pick is the best asset to invest in. Please get your picks in before Dec 31. I will compile the list and post it on the blog in early January.

The 2017 results are in. Results here:
Added my pick to the list.

Hopefully I do better than last year!
My website: DGI For The DIY
Also on: Facebook - Twitter - Seeking Alpha
Thanks for participating, Eric. I will post the link when the blog post is live here.
I missed this post!!

This year I'm looking at putting more money in GILD, not because I think it's going to skyrocket but rather it's a nice long term investment to help build wealth.
Since the market hasnt opened yet for the year, I will add you to the list Smile
The post is now live:
It seems GILD is coming back with vengeance but with a one year lag! At leasts it's going somewhere now!

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