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Berkshire shareholder meeting
Well, we're doing a long weekend for the 2018 Berk meeting.

Found out that even though we planned back in October, it was still too late to get into the closest hotels for all four of us going to we did a nice AirBnB that will save us 1400/1500 per couple so it really worked out lol.

We'll be doing the meeting, the picnic, Sunday's 5k GOOOOOOO BROOKS! And of course a steak dinner (It's freakin OMAHA!! lol) We'll also hit some of the local micro brews, not sure we can fit in the museum or not. It's going to be a busy four days...

Was able to talk the wife into going since our goal is to visit a new area in United States and Canada once a 2018's trip will be the new #1 retirement area according to LPL Financial

looking forward to the trip
Have fun. I've wanted to go to it for years, but it's during April which is my busiest time of the year. I need to hurry up and retire so I can go.
Usually falls within the first weekend of May

But yea....I've been wanting to go for years and I figure WB and CM won't be around forever....

Another one I want to go to is Markel's meeting....maybe I'll see Tom Gaynor! Ha.
My mistake, I was thinking it was the last weekend in April. Early May is still too busy for me. The Markel one would be another nice one to attend.

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