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Stock Picking from New 52 week Lows
I'm taking a poll lol. If you could pick one stock to hold over the next 5 years that is at or near a 52 week low, which would you choose?


These are all big name companies that you know. What would be your #1 pick out of this list?

Me personally would choose SBUX. I base this off of future growth and no Amazon affect lol. 

But I have to say there are a lot of great high paying dividend stocks on this list.
Would be either SBUX or MO for me.

Some other good names on the list though too.
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It would be either SBUX or T for me. SBUX for the capital gains or T for the income. Like Eric said, there are other good names on the list.
What prevents Amazon from entering the coffee/food business next?

So be careful on what you believe will happen in the next 5 years..
Why limit it to one? How about ranking them, whatever way you use, and take equal positions in the top 3?

My top 2 would be CAH and OMC
I just recently took a small position in MO and been dripping SBUX and CAH, actually been dripping all stocks in both IRA's till the new year.

Interested in T but been buying VZ lately

Hard not to like smuckers and merk's a Goliath that disrupts almost any industry it enters, that should make competitors pick up their game plan. When I go on Amazon and read reviews I've been finding myself going to the actual companies website, i.e., Samsonite, just for the fact it seems I read more and more reviews questioning quality issues and knock-off complaints, if I go to the actual company's web site I shouldn't have to worry about buying a knock-off. It's also not a huge price difference, if any, imho.

I also read Kroger moving off the AWS network and moving it's operations to Alphabets and Microsofts after the Wholefoods purchase...Why not? Why fund a competitor? I'm assuming other large companies to follow suit as Kroger, if not already doing it.
Well SJM from my list is up $10+ today on earnings lol
My choice is CAH.

Although now that I've typed that I'm sure it will spike before I get paid next week and can actually buy it.  Wink

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