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GE has fallen from over $32/share to below $20/share.  I know they've got some issues to work through, but this seems like it's fallen too far, too fast.  Any opinions on GE at this price point?
I'd buy but a smaller position than normal, waiting to see what happens with the dividend. If they cut, the stock price will fall further.

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GE cut it's dividend in half:
I am surprised there hasn't been more discussion on GE thus far. The stock has been dropping all week after the news of the dividend cut and they seem to be floundering for a way forward. How far does the stock have to fall before it becomes attractive to pick up? With a new dividend of 12 cents a quarter, the stock needs to hit $16 to project a 3% yield and $12 to hit a 4% yield.
After this second cut, I'm probably selling my shares. I will wait for it to stabilize before doing it. I loaded up after the first cut and kept reinvesting the dividends. My exposure had gotten too big and this cut wasn't fun. Sitting on 327 shares the forward dividend was killed. Thinking of selling all and getting T. That way my forward dividend isn't hurt too bad.
It's dropped from $32 to $18 this past year. At some point, it's got to be worth buying. I haven't sold my GE, but not sure how to feel about it now.
GE is my new KMI... waste of money....
(11-14-2017, 03:47 PM)Rasec Wrote: GE is my new KMI... waste of money....

Yes, I agree completely.  Thankfully I sold more than half around $25 or so.   I have now been Kindered, Copped, and now GE'D... Who's next? Southern Company?
Sold 17 puts. Either I get put GE for 16.70 or I keep the option premium.
Another great example why it's important to have a diversified portfolio.

The 50% dividend cut from GE only reduced the annual dividend income of my portfolio by about 0.6%.
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