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Good Stocks For Covered Calls
Hey guys. I know that quite a few of us use some sort of a covered call strategy, either on it's own or as a part of our dividend growth portfolio. Lot's of other threads about the subject too so let's not go into the strategies themselves in this one. Instead, let's focus on which companies are you using right now.

I started a little experiment with WFC and I think the results are promising. However now with the recent rally my shares got called away and at the current levels I don't feel like continuing with WFC.... in my opinion the shares are too expensive for anything short term. I'll take another look if it returns to the $53 levels.

So let's hear it, which stocks are you using currently?
Currently I'm using T for selling covered calls. I like selling the calls at $40 or higher right now.
Thanks Chad. I've also been thinking of T. I was also looking at WBA since after the last few days there shouldn't be much downside left and the yield from the option is good.

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