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Retail Looking good
There are a lot of good things happening in retail even though the market continue to be negative due to the Amazon effect.

So far TJX, ROST, DLTR, TGT, HD, WSM, BURL, PVH, VFC, NKE, WMT, AEO, ANF, GPS and the list goes on have all surprised to the upside. 

Only LOW , FL,  LB, AAP missed big!! 

To me this sector represents the best bargain prices in the market. Most got killed in recent months and are trading at a huge discount and the market is basically valuing them at 0% growth.

I would be a buyer of TJX, NKE, TGT and WMT. I really like these companies moving forward.
NKE confuses me. They took a big increase with direct to consumer via Amazon and then a big drop with FL misses. I don't know what to think about this, maybe I'm missing something?

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