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Does anyone own this dividend challenger (6 year DGI streak)?  It's at 52 week lows, and I'm thinking about jumping in.  It's debt free with high FCF.  Hoping someone has experience with this company to give me their perspective.
Forgot to mention, I'm wondering if they are completely dependent on mall traffic, which I don't see as a good thing.
Their EPS cratered for 4 years into and following the great recession, when they suspended the dividend. Earnings also fell 23% last year and are projected to fall another 11% this year.

I would tread carefully. It may look cheap today but past history has shown that it is sensitive to the economy and may have further to fall.

I'd much rather own VFC.
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Thanks, EricL. I've been reading a lot about their recent history just in the last hour since posting that, and I've talked myself out of it. Your points back up my own thought process.

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