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The Conservative Income Investor
Just saw this even though it had been up since yesterday.

Hate to see him shutting down his site.  At least he will have two more weeks of his articles.  Also used him for ideas on what to start researching when I had money to buy something.
It's sad! I left a comment on that post a few days ago, really sorry to see it going away as it was one of my favorite daily reads.
Yes, saw that yesterday in my email. Was very sad to hear, because I've subscribed since he started out. I love his writing and will miss his updates on that site.
Sad to see, he's always been a good read.
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That's unfortunate. Top notch stuff on a routine basis. Always a surprise to see something actually shutter, but I shouldn't be *too* surprised.

I stopped visiting the site on a daily basis probably about a year ago. I'd often try to visit on mobile and whatever platform he's using turned the experience into a hassle with popups or covered windows or just a bunch of nonsense. I wrote to him to offer feedback but never heard back. Don't know if he received it.

I subscribed to his for-pay newsletter thing for 4 or 5 months as well. Good content, I just never found it actionable for my personal path and at the end of the day, a monthly bill is a monthly bill so I axed it. It may have been about the time VRX blew up and he had just done a positive writeup on it. Not sure if anyone was vocal about seeing that disaster coming tho.

I sound negative towards him but my feelings are anything but. I'd read him over just about anyone else posting out there, but then again I don't read much amateur content anymore. Lot of regurgitation and hyperbole. Whatever gets clicks I assume.

Hope to see him post publicly again in the future, or even write a book. I'd buy it.

It's always sad to see a blog go down!

I'd just featured him in my top 100 dividend blogs list too! (

I think it had a load more potential if he could have gotten the layout and mobile version right.

Top notch original analysis is hard to come by these.

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