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One more new kid on the block;)
I actually get paid in USD while spending in EUR, that's why I think it's a bit risky for me to have most of my investment income in USD too. I see the EUR getting weaker and weaker, which would be a good thing for me, but as you said anything can happen in this continent. Big Grin For the moment I'm happy with the 10% increase in pay since I started my new job. Big Grin But I'd certainly like to have a decent dividend income in EUR eventually, just to be sure that the currency issues don't mess up my plans.

Currently I'm a bit all over the place but planning to settle down in the Netherlands soon.
(01-19-2017, 09:02 AM)Binary Wrote: Welcome to the block! Lots of of ideas and sound thinking parked here--take a spin and you'll see ;-)


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