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Best of the Best?
I've been thinking a lot about quality lately, and thought it would be fun to have us work together to generate a list of the absolute best DG stocks. The top 10, 20, or 30 names that belong on every DG watch list. I know we all have somewhat different criteria and opinions, but let's see how much agreement we can generate.

In my imagination, these are DG stocks with a strong history of dividend growth, strong and reliable earnings, sustainable businesses, etc. Stocks that you could buy and hold for 10 or 20 years with minimal anxiety and oversight. Stocks that you would be comfortable buying if the market was going to close tomorrow for the next 5 years.

And I want to IGNORE current price / valuation. I'm not asking what is the best for purchase today; I'm asking what would you buy if you had limited resources and everything was equally on sale. (Of course you can't really ignore yield, since it is an important way to differentiate. Maybe assume you can buy the shares at a yield that is 20 percent above its average yield for the past 5 or 10 years?)

I'll open the bidding:

Great idea for a thread!

I'll add MO, T, XOM, O and MSFT.
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(01-17-2017, 04:46 PM)EricL Wrote: Great idea for a thread!

I'll add MO, T, XOM, O and MSFT.

Here are a few from a newbie.


All are Div aristrocrates with Div >3 and past 10 yrs of growth that would have doubled your money or more.
Yes, could be an interesting topic.

Without question, the two AAA credit ratings: JNJ & MSFT.

Then, with reservations only because of the what we've just been through: XOM.

A company I've always admired for their reinvestment in research and the breadth of their product line: MMM.

A "Widows & Orphans" company who seems (to me) to have better picks for diversification over its biggest rival: T.

If you can stomach the forex issues: UL/UN & RY.

Because of their geographic reach, demographic changes and the ongoing diversification in their supply mix: SO.
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

DIS, can't forget the house of mouse
My 11 stocks considering diversification per sector:

Healthcare: JNJ
Energy: XOM
Basic materials: DOW
Tech: MSFT
Utilities: ED
Financials: V 
Consumer discretionary: NKE 
Consumer staples: PEP
Telecom: T
Industrials: BA

In full honestly V and NKE is considering my long term view towards retirement, if I was retired or about to, I would go with WFC and probably VFC, not really sure on this one.
Well since we can ignore the current high valuation, then it would be ridiculous not to have a water utility in this list. WTR is my own favourite but any of the big ones is super safe.

Also RTN, they have had an excellent run and are still well positioned to keep on the same path. It's a bit volatile but still very well suited for a long term portfolio.
I like the AAA credit rating approach DW, but am generally reluctant about tech for the long term. And in the case of tech, I might be more inclined to make a bet on something like INTC, CSCO, or QCOM. Do others agree about MSFT? Does tech have a place on this list? And is MSFT the consensus pick? (Not that we're limited to one...)

I agree that T should be on the list. A slow grower, but nice yield for balance. And stable.

Am I crazy to worry about oil companies for the long haul? XOM feels like a no brainer for this list, but I sometimes think the oil majors are one breakthrough away from a lot of trouble.

I'm actually a little surprised that folks haven't chimed in with a lot more consumer staples. I figured they would make up at least five of the top ten.

Also curious -- does anyone disagree about JNJ taking the number one position?
You can't forget PM.
for me if were talking the best in breed then I would go with JNJ, UNH, SNA, HD, CVX, LMT, D, VZ and PEP. A company has to have a good yield and growth to go along with it as well.

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