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At the moment I'm 1 year into my journey for building my dividend growth portfolio. The biggest problem I am facing is that I don't know where to find the right information. My research for information so far had brought me to sites like Value Line or Fastgraphs that seem to have some great information for selecting the right stocks. However, the subscription fees to these sites go into the hundreds each year which is much more then what I'm "earning" with dividends at this moment. So the costs are not in relation to the size of my portfolio.

I know I can go to sites like Morningstar or Google Finance, but the information doesn't go so far as what I would like to see.

Is there a solution for this problem? Or is there another site with the information I'm looking for that I missed? Where are you guys getting your information?

Thank you in advance for your reply!
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Well, start slogging through this section of the Dividend Growth Forum. Everyone's added a lot of helpful resources.

Next, what brokerage are you using? They should have some research reports if you're using any of the mainstream brokerages.

Do you know about David Fish's CCC spreadsheet? If not, it's available here.

Have you checked your local library? Some have online access to Value Line. Others, like mine, have the paper copy right out in the open in the library. I've never seen anyone else use it.

Lastly, the investor relations site of just about any public company has rafts of information available.

What specifically do your seek that you're not finding?
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