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Renewed interest in dividend stocks
Hello all,
I'm getting close to retirement (3 yrs) and started to get more interested in dividend stocks again. I want to be able to just buy and hold for at least a yr so get a lower tax break if I sell. Hold the ones that are doing good for the long haul.
I recently joined Dividend Growth Stocks (D4L) hoping it will guide me in buying better quality stocks (so far I just bought: KO,CVX,T,ED,UTX,UHT).

Does anyone else on this forum subscribe to a dividend newsletter? if so which one and why?

So far I like D4L as I'm not very good at DD.  I like to selection he picks from and from there I can decide which one to pick.

Anyway I hope I can contribute and get better insight on dividends stocks with this forum.

Welcome to the forum!

I don't pay for any newsletters.  I do follow a few people on seeking alpha, but I mostly do my own analysis.
Welcome, Marty.
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

Welcome, Marty. I've never subscribed to a newsletter. I just track DGI stocks and buy the ones that are on sale.
Welcome to the forum, Marty!

I also don't subscribe to anything. If I were to pony up, it might be for fastgraphs, but never even pulled the trigger on a free trial.

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