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TRIVIA: The longest dividend streak that was subsiquently broken
Just out of intrest, does anyone know which company had the longest dividend streak that was then broken?
I've googled to no avail so thought I'd pick the brains of the forum!

Broken as completely stopped or reduced or even not increased?
Just a broken streak - inc reductions or maintaining for longer than 1 financial year.
The first ever dividend paid in the US was by Citigroup ©, founded in 1812 and paid its first dividend in 1813. Unfortunately, Citigroup lost its dividend paying streak and the title for the longest consecutive dividend paying streak goes to York Water (YORW), which has been paying dividends since 1816 (a 200-year streak!).

In Canada, the oldest consecutive dividend paying company is Bank of Montreal (BMO), which has paid dividends since 1829, with The Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) a close second that started paying dividends in 1832.

These companies have cut or frozen dividends in the past -- but have always issued a dividend to shareholders.
Interesting question.

I don't have much time so a quick search yields this.
I haven't confirmed if this is true but DOV seems to have a 60 year streak of increasing dividends according to a couple of websites I ran into. This streak, however, hasn't been broken yet, so could this be the longest active streak?

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