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Hi everyone!

As you may have guessed, I'm an Australian based investor. I've been investing for 10 or so years, with the last 5 based specifically on dividends. The great thing about dividends in Australia is that they are delivered with franking credits (a tax credit), which encourages companies to pay large and consistent dividends (as the franking credits have value for investors but not for companies!).

In particular, I focus on Listed Invested Companies with a stated aim of paying a fully franked and growing stream of dividends. MERs are typically 15-20 basis points for these vehicles and they typically pay 4.5% yields (which is approximately 6%, grossed up for franking credits!). Sometimes you can even pick these vehicles up for 5-10% discounts....

I'm looking forward to discussing dividends, in particular dividend growth investing, with likeminded individuals.

Welcome to the forum, ADI. Really glad you found us and joined up.

So does that mean you primarily focus on Australian companies? Is there similar tax treatment for companies abroad?

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