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2 Year anniversary
Hey all,

I have now been a DGI for two years. 

Here's how my portfolio looks.

[Image: ysSLb]

What does everyone think Smile?
Still concerned about those Russian "things" but, since you're over the pond from the U.S., I'm assuming you know a little more about them than me. There are some other names that I'm not familiar with but, as to the ones I know, you've done well amassing a collection of quality companies. Great!

“While the dividend itself is merely a rearrangement of equity, over time it's more like owning an apple tree. The tree grows the apples back again and again and again, and the theoretical value of the tree doesn't change just because of when the apples are about to fall.” - earthtodan

Yeah, I don't know all of the names, but you've certainly got some of the good blue chips from the U.S.

Well done.
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If you don't mind sharing, I'd like to know how you've done with the dividends? How much did you get in year 1, how about year 2?
No Problem Crimson

I've actually been investing 3years but 2years as a DGI.


Year1 = £43 income
Year2 = £174.85 income
Year 3 = ESTIMATE: £338.09
Ahh the joys of the hundred percent growth in the beginning due to added capital! Big Grin
You're off to a promising start.

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