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Is this forum alive?
(09-22-2016, 11:59 PM)crimsonghost747 Wrote: Kerim, no need to apologize. Of course you need to focus on the important issues in your life in order to sort them out in the best possible way. This forum will be here waiting. I hope things are starting to look better for you and especially for your daughter.

Absolutely agree! Sorry to have brought it up!
Kerim, Absolutely no need to apologize. Sorry to hear you have had a rough go of it. Hope all gets better soon.

I do not post much, I do read alot of the posts. I dont purchase much in stocks as I/we are putting as much of our checks into the company 401K plan to maximize the match and so on.
Have finally started cutting some hours back, "less funds" and spending on vacations and time off "all work no play makes Jimbo not happy".
I must say this site has helped to reinvigerate me and teach me some of the stuff to look for, lots of great ideas and I work to pass them on to my kids (25 & 
Thanks all for your posts that do interest me AND to Kerim for all of his hard work of getting this site to what it is today.

Thanks everyone!
(09-23-2016, 07:48 PM)Kerim Wrote: Thanks everyone!
Your work with the forum is extremely appreciated Kerim! Your quick implementation of tapatalk for example was absolutely fantastic! Hang in there, things will get better, they always do!
Gained a lot of weight and I'm miserable when I can't button my pants, it boils down to my FLO stock and missing buying into GPS when it was in the teens. What can I say, I like supporting the companies I invest in and I refuse to buy new pants from Banana Republic, pass me another butterscotch krimpet!

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