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Another DGI enthusiast
I have been going here almost a year now and never introduced myself. I am 26 year old guy from central Europe and I have been reading about DGI for a past two years, because of school project I was working on. I just graduated from University few month ago and started working as a web developer.
Because I do have a steady income now, I would like to invest some of it in stocks. Sometimes I get inspiration from this thread (thanks). Currently my portfolio is like 2k$ worth and I do a small buys (USA stocks, broker fee 0,5$ per trade). I don't plan to sell any time soon and sometimes I buy risky stocks naively without proper due diligence (hope I can improve here).
I might create a topics for individual stocks with a simple question, why you don't watch these stocks. I hope I get some responses from experienced investors here.
Thanks and good luck with forum, hope it keeps growing like your dividends Smile
Thanks for updating us and welcome officially to the forum. Congrats on graduating and entering the working world.
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?


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