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Semi Retired Newbie
Hello Everyone,

Quick intro; I'm 58 y/o and beginning to wind down the working lifestyle. I realized that will include switching from an accumulation mindset to an orderly DGI investment mode.  Looking forward to hearing a variety of ideas and opinions.

I'm posting right after the Brexit so I hope everyone had a calm and thoughtful weekend.
Welcome NYNurse, looking forward to your input. Might be nice if you would explain your goals and thoughts about how you're going to effect the wind down. I'm right behind you but still can't get my head around not working at something in the future.

Brexit? What's that? Didn't affect my weekend in the least. My dividends still posted on Friday. Big Grin
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

Welcome NYNurse -- glad to have you here!

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